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Seek First The Light And Everything Else Shall Follow

The world is filled with people who strive so hard to be loved by the majority that they lose all reason to love themselves. Humans are told since infancy that they must act a certain way, must dress in certain clothes, must say and do certain things, simply because the majority does so. These voices become so ingrained in a person’s mind as a child that they continue to act as subconscious wardens of their lives as adults. Though they have the freedom to act as they wish, many people continue to make decisions based on what they have been told by others instead of what they have learned themselves.

Many lives are wasted by choosing the monotony of safety

over the boldness of the uncharted

Wealth and success are like streams of water running down a pyramid. The highest receive the most because there are fewer while the lowest receive the least because there are many. Before the water can reach the bottom, first it must run through all the others above it. Though the lowest support the weight of all who are above them, they are numerous and easily replaced  unique individually, but common together. A person climbs higher by becoming less like those below them.

Overachievers are forged

by the fires of underachievers’ ridicule.

Life is easy when lived according to others’ plans. When you choose a different path, you invite the scorn of those around you who lack the courage to pursue their own goals. A person moves to step higher on the pyramid and the hands of those below them reach to pull them back. Their voices demand to know why you must be different. What did you do to deserve better? Do you truly think you are capable of greatness? Who do you think you are?

Have courage to pursue your own path. The sheep are safe in their cages but the lions run free in the wilderness. The greatest among us are most different from the rest. ▲

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